Welcome, parents!

The links below include information on tech integration at MCDS; parenting tips and student expectations around technology; practical information to help you and your child manage technology at home; and resources for keyboarding, digital citizenship, media literacy, programming and more! 

In addition to reviewing these resources, please consider attending one of these community-ed sessions regarding tech:


-August 2019-NYT: Common Sense Approach to Digital Parenting | -March 2019-NYT: Human Contact is Now a Luxury Good | -March 2019-60 Minutes: Closing the Gender Gap in the Tech Industry | -February 2019-NYT: The Two Codes Your Kids Need to Know | - January 2019-Scientific American: Kids, Tech, and Mental Illness | -January This Parenting Approach Could Help Curb Your Child’s Tech Addiction | -January 2019-NYT Opinion: Meditation will keep the digital monsters at bay | - October 2018-Child Mind Institute: A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Fortnite | - September 2018 - NYT How (and When) to Limit Kids’ Screen Time | - September 2018 Common Sense Media: Social Media, Social Life | - June 2018: Is Screen Time Bad for Children's Mental Health? (WSJ) | - June 2018: Distracted Parenting (The Atlantic) |  - 3/30/18 - Are today's teenagers smarter and better than we think? (Another perspective on Gen Z after the March for our Lives) | - 3/8/18 - Are iPhones bad for kids? | - 12/20/17 - The Surprising thing Google learned about their employees (and what it means for students) |  - 11/30/17 - Court Ruling re: students posting racist memes on Instagram (and its effects at an East Bay high school) | - Common Sense Media: Media Use By Kids Age 0 to 8  | - Common Sense Media: News & America's Kids  |  - Common Sense Media: Plugged-in Parents of Tweens & Teens  |  - Dan Siegel: Social Media |  - Lisa Guernsey: Screen Time |  - NYT: Laptops Are Great; Just Not During a Lecture or Meeting |        - The Atlantic: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?  | - The Atlantic: The Binge Breaker


- Common Sense Media "Essential Apps"       - Agnitus Personal Learning Program       - Endless Alphabet       - Endless Reader       - Letter School        - Monkey Word School Adventure       - Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer       - Starfall Learn to Read (web tool also)        - Moms with Apps (app review resource)        - Parents' Choice (app review resource)        - Teachers with Apps (app review resource)        - Digital Storytime (app review resource)


- Common Sense Media: Sex, Gender, & Body Image       - Common Sense Media: Violence in the Media       - Dr. Jeanne Kilbourne       - Miss Representation (a film for adolescents and older)        - The Mask You Live In  (a film for adolescents and older)        - KQED: The Honest Truth About Fake News- News Outlet Reliability Infographic - one subjective but valuable model        - WSJ: Blue Feed Red Feed        - CSM Study: News And America's Kids        - The News Literacy Project (NLP)



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