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The links below include information on tech integration at MCDS; parenting tips and student expectations around technology; practical information to help you and your child manage technology at home; and resources for keyboarding, digital citizenship, media literacy, programming and more! If there's an article or resource you'd like to share more broadly with the community, email to initiate the review process.


-March 2019-NYT: Human Contact is Now a Luxury Good -March 2019-60 Minutes: Closing the Gender Gap in the Tech Industry -February 2019-NYT: The Two Codes Your Kids Need to Know - January 2019-Scientific American: Kids, Tech, and Mental Illness -January This Parenting Approach Could Help Curb Your Child’s Tech Addiction -January 2019-NYT Opinion: Meditation will keep the digital monsters at bay - October 2018-Child Mind Institute: A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Fortnite - September 2018 - NYT How (and When) to Limit Kids’ Screen Time - September 2018 Common Sense Media: Social Media, Social Life - June 2018: Is Screen Time Bad for Children's Mental Health? (WSJ)       - June 2018: Distracted Parenting (The Atlantic)       - 3/30/18 - Are today's teenagers smarter and better than we think? (Another perspective on Gen Z after the March for our Lives)       - 3/8/18 - Are iPhones bad for kids?       - 12/20/17 - The Surprising thing Google learned about their employees (and what it means for students)       - 11/30/17 - Court Ruling re: students posting racist memes on Instagram (and its effects at an East Bay high school)        - Common Sense Media: Media Use By Kids Age 0 to 8       - Common Sense Media: News & America's Kids       - Common Sense Media: Plugged-in Parents of Tweens & Teens       - Dan Siegel: Social Media       - Lisa Guernsey: Screen Time        - NYT: Laptops Are Great; Just Not During a Lecture or Meeting        - The Atlantic: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?       - The Atlantic: The Binge Breaker


- Common Sense Media "Essential Apps"       - Agnitus Personal Learning Program       - Endless Alphabet       - Endless Reader       - Letter School        - Monkey Word School Adventure       - Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer       - Starfall Learn to Read (web tool also)        - Moms with Apps (app review resource)        - Parents' Choice (app review resource)        - Teachers with Apps (app review resource)        - Digital Storytime (app review resource)


- Common Sense Media: Sex, Gender, & Body Image       - Common Sense Media: Violence in the Media       - Dr. Jeanne Kilbourne       - Miss Representation (a film for adolescents and older)        - The Mask You Live In  (a film for adolescents and older)        - KQED: The Honest Truth About Fake News- News Outlet Reliability Infographic - one subjective but valuable model        - WSJ: Blue Feed Red Feed        - CSM Study: News And America's Kids        - The News Literacy Project (NLP)



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