TECH BYTE #1: Tech during play dates, hangouts, and sleepovers

When planning a social get-together for your child, we recommend you think ahead about guidelines for electronic devices and media content. Many parents don’t consider this ahead of time and report problems after; others say they feel awkward or unsure in terms of how to approach the conversation proactively. Here are a few examples, to help you think ahead:

  • I’m so happy our kids will have this time together! We won’t be sending our child with any tech devices; we want the kids to keep this time screen-free. Will that plan work for you and your child as well?

  • We’ll play DJ and give them some background music, but other than that, we’ll keep it tech free.

  • 30 minutes of video games are ok if the weather is crummy, but we don’t want our child to have more screen time to that.

  • In our home, we collect and turn off devices by __pm. If you need to reach your child after that, feel free to contact me at _ _ _ - _ _ _ _.

  • My child has had plenty of time with their tech device, but not enough time socializing with friends! Can we plan for this to be a tech-free hangout?

You may find the other parent/guardian is relieved or grateful that you brought it up! For more tech-talk prompts, check out this resource.