This week in 3rd and 4th grades, we watched a series of short video clips to help guide and further our conversations around digital citizenship. As with past sessions, we found that using resources such as these, helped students build context around the idea of digital citizenship. Once the conversation was primed with a video clip, there were too many hands up in the room to have time for everyone to contribute to the whole-group conversation. Students made many connections to what they saw in the clips and were eager to share personal stories and perspectives. Here are a few of the clips we used:

Meanwhile, in 6th & 7th grade SEL class this week, half the students did SEL work with Darlene while the other half continued the conversation around digital citizenship. In 7th grade, we reviewed some of the "MY DIGITAL DIET" work the students did back in October. Here are a few examples:

My Digital Diet 9

My Digital Diet 8

My Digital Diet 6

My Digital Diet 3

We furthered our conversation around digital citizenship by having students look at their own personal data around their school-Chromebook internet browsing activity for the month of November. Students received CSV files listing their entire browsing history, plus separate files listing videos they watched, google searches they made, flagged & blocked sites they attempted, and Google docs they worked on during the 30-day period. After reviewing the data, students completed the following reflections:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.28.34 PM

Next week, we'll continue the work in 6th & 7th grades by having each student answer these questions:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.28.47 PM

...and then pair up with a classmate to discuss what they learned.

Parents--we encourage you to reinforce these conversations at home, and be in touch if you'd like to receive support or offer input!