6th Grade Data re: mobile devices and tech challenges

As you may recall, 6th grade Tech/SEL content focuses on pros and cons of having/not having a mobile device. On September 27, we continued that conversation by polling two groups of MCDS 6th graders, each group containing 21 students. The results are presented in the PDF below. Headlines include:

  • Overall, approximately 38% report already having their own smart phones with data plans; 38% report already having a device like a simple flip-phone or iPod touch; and 26% report not yet having a mobile device. (See first two pie graphs.)
  • There seems to be a healthy attitude among students toward technology. Both groups show a standard bell curve for balanced a balanced relationship with technology. (See bar graphs.)
  • Students widely vary in terms of what they see as the trickiest thing about technology for themselves. We do, however, see a distinct trend in both groups that the trickiest thing for 6th graders in general is "Digital drama." Furthermore, 6th graders in both groups distinctly noted that the trickiest thing about tech for the adults in their lives is "How much time it takes up, that you should be spending on other things."

Please review the data carefully and as always let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see many of you at the Common Sense Media teen panel this thursday, October 12, at 8:30am in MP1.

For the full-res version, click here: 6th Grade Data 20170927

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